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A&M Design Services ensures satisfaction through
extensive attention to detail while offering clients quality services,
guidance, and support.

The Sky is the Limit

A&M Design Services offers an expansive array of services to clients.
With expertise on Project Estimating, Rebar Detailing, Drafting, and more,
let us help you build your way to success.

- Project Manager, Long Island Concrete

"From every aspect of our project A&M was able
to deliver to us exactly what we were looking for."

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Before Working with A&M Design

Lack of Communication: A common issue is absence of communication with your team. Things like unanswered calls, emails, and overall lack of organization can greatly affect progress. 

Logistic Chaos: How many times have you had to deal with wasted and unwanted steel laying around the site? This on top of time and budgeting errors can cause unwanted frustration and stress. 

Unfulfilled Requests: Too often we hear about clients being unhappy because of their end results not matching their original designs.

Working with A&M Design

Effective Communication: We take great pride in making sure that we not only meet deadlines either on time or early, but also ensure that we are constantly available at all times.  

Optimal Organization: With A&M, you can be confident in our ability to minimize waste of time and steel, as well as offering assistance for time and budgeting. 

Satisfaction Delivered: With full management services to ensure your projects goes the way you want it to, we can ensure quality customer satisfaction. 

“We at Coppola Paving & Landscaping Corp. would like to express our thanks for the shop drawings and as-built drawings provided by AM Design Services. Your accurate scheduling and prompt responses with a quick turnaround has enabled expeditious submittals and approvals to keep our project moving forward on track. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail and look forward to working with AM Design Services on future projects.”

Kyle TrenholmProject Manager for Coppola Paving and Landscaping Corporation

“A&M Design Services had done the detailing for us on the Barnard College project. A&M did a great job on a tough project where there were a number of elements that had to be precisely detailed and coordinated with a number of trades. There were also extensive design changes that had been made as the rebar was being installed and Michael at A&M was able to make the changes for us quickly, so we would not have an impact to the schedule. I would highly recommend A&M Design Services.”

Otto KoscicaRuttura & Sons Construction Co., Inc.

“A&M Design Services has provided our team here at PTS Contracting with the utmost satisfaction. From every aspect of our project A&M was able to deliver to us exactly what we were looking for. There speedy and incredibly accurate work made our experience with them one to remember. Their team was extremely friendly and easily accessible to us for any questions or concerns during the whole process.”

PTS Contracting

“The A&M design staff has provided a bespoken service to their clients. They are dedicated to executing their services within the client's schedule regardless of the complexity of the project. In addition, they are positive collaborators within the group of professionals, working with and helping others in any way they can.”

Antonio Maiuolo Antonio Miuolo Architect

“We at Long Island Concrete are greatly appreciative of the expedited, accurate and friendly service your team at A&M Design Services has provided us throughout our several years working together. We have been able to get our submittals in and approved ahead of schedule with no delays. Always looking forward to continuing our relationship.”

Frants JeantyProject Manager- Long Island Concrete


A foundation is a lower portion of building structure that transfers its gravity loads to the earth. They’re generally broken into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations. It’s crucial for tall buildings to have a strong foundation to stand for a long time and deal with nature.

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A superstructure is an upward extension of an existing structure above a baseline called Ground Level and it usually serves the purpose of the structure’s intended use. The superstructure of a building is the part that is entirely above its foundation or basement.

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Dimensional / As-Builts

Revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon project completion. As-Builts reflect all changes made in the specifications and working drawings during the construction process, and show exact dimensions, geometry, and location of all elements of work completed under the contract.

View Dimensional / As-Builts

Why AM Design?


A&M Design Services provides clear and detailed computer aided drafting services and the most precise, dimensionally accurate shop drawings in the tri-state area. The accuracy of our work provides clients with drawings that are simply incomparable.


Our design team has drafted plans for every type of job there is, while having the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We understand that when change orders and structural revisions come about, it is crucially to have those changes ready ASAP. We take pride in our ability to meet and beat deadlines, giving our clients the time to worry about other aspects of project management.


A&M Design Services is a company compromised of self-motivated individuals faced with one goal and that is to ensure costumer satisfaction and the highest quality of work. Our staff is here to make every aspect of a project as simple as possible for our cliental.

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