A&M Design Services, LLC is a thriving engineering and design firm, offering a full spectrum of services both locally and nationally, for clients across a wide variety of markets.

A&M Design is a construction services firm that specializes in Reinforced Concrete. Our professional engineering and design staff creates the most advanced and detailed drawings in Rebar Detailing, BIM modeling, CAD/Drafting, Masonry, Estimating and Construction Management. Our Process insures clients of accurate in-house drawings and the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

A&M Design Services distinguishes itself by providing individual project attention to help contractors produce detail project change orders, RFI’s, and conflict resolution. As a solution oriented company, attention to detail is the motivation for providing the most cost effective solution from the simplest to the most complex of projects. A&M Design Services creates the finest quality of work in the industry paired with unparalleled costumer service.

Meet The Team

Michael Orilia

Senior Project Engineer

Michael Orilia is a Founder and Senior Project Engineer at A&M Design Services. With close to 10 years of experience and a civil engineering degree, Michael's background has been instrumental in the team's reputation for exceeding their client's expectations of service. Michael has been leading A&M's strategic business development, which has helped the organization grow into one of the fastest growing design companies in the Northeast- with over 45 projects in their repertoire. Michael is known to make the world's greatest pizza, travel to new places, and loves to give back.

Achille Iolascon

Senior Project Engineer

Achille Iolascon is the Senior Project Engineer and Co-founder of A&M Design Services. Achille obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering while studying at the New York Institute of Technology and proceeded to work in the fast pace world of construction. His tireless work ethic, and ability to work closely with clients at every level of construction has created significant long lasting relationships that paved the way for one of the fastest growing design team in the industry. Achille likes to go fishing and enjoying the outdoors in his spare time.

What We Specialize In

Building Information Modeling 

This model-based design approach increases efficiency and effectiveness within all types of trade. The process shows its full potential and accuracy during project delivery coordination.

CAD / Drafting

A&M Design Services provides the most accurate computer aided drafting services and shop drawings that are drafted precisely to create dimensionally accurate shop drawings. Our extremely detailed drawings show all locations of openings, beams, steel plates, curtains wall embed, sleeves, recesses, etc. in walls and slabs as per the contract documents.

Project Estimating

Each aspect of a project, depending on the complexity and size determines project estimating. An important factor in estimating a job accurately is to fully understand the scope of the project so our team can determine what is to be achieved.

Dimensional Drawings

A&M Design Services will include the most detailed drawings leaving field workers with a simple, accurate drawing to work from. All geometric information needed, will be clearly provided to leave no confusion in the field when time is most valuable.

Rebar Shop Drawing

Rebar detailing is the process of preparing shop placement drawings for construction with the information of reinforcing steel provided by the Architect/Engineer. A&M Design Services uses the latest version of the “ACI Detailing Manual” and the “Manual of Standard Practice for Detailing Reinforced Concrete Structures” along with the provided information to call out the quantity, description, placement and laps of the reinforcing steel.

Construction Management

A&M Design Services will provide you with the instructions that are necessary to provide clients with superb construction management planning, coordinating, and building services. Our Engineers will work with clients to help with all aspects of a project from conception to completion.

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