Quality Design

A&M Design Services works prudently with their clients to insure the highest quality of work in the industry. Our Professional Engineers have over 10 years of experience in the industry and have detailed state of the art buildings all over the tri-state area and nation. Our full service Engineering and Architectural staff is here to assist clients with all aspects of the detailing process.

High Performance

A&M Design Services  prepares all Rebar Shop Drawings in accordance with the latest version of the American Concrete Institute; ACI 315, “ACI Detailing Manual”, SP-66 (04) and “Manual of Standard Practice for Detailing Reinforced Concrete Structures”, ACI-318.

Building Information Modeling

This model-based design approach increases efficiency and effectiveness within all types of trades. The process shows its full potential and accuracy during project delivery coordination. Benefits Include:

Capture Reality: With BIM designers can accurately capture field conditions and have all information compiled and shared in a model. This allows our design team to create some of the most accurate work the industry has seen.

Improve Production Time: BIM modeling’s extremely detailed analysis of projects immensely decreases the chance of rework. This allows each individual organization a great amount of time to work together with our design team to solve any issues ahead of time.

Resolve Conflict: BIM Modeling allows our engineers to foresee future complications or issues. The clashing of elements such as a beam pocket interfering with ductwork can be determined in advance prior to field RFI’s thanks to the BIM’s detailed report.

CAD/ Drafting

A&M Design Services provides accurate computer aided drafting services and shop drawings that are drafted precisely to create dimensionally accurate shop drawings. Our extremely detailed drawings show all locations of openings, beams, steel plates, curtains wall embed, sleeves, recesses, etc. in walls and slabs as per the contract documents.

Project Estimating

Each aspect of a project depending on the complexity and size determines project estimating. An important factor in estimating a job accurately is to fully understand the scope of the project so our team can determine what is to be achieved. A&M Design Services will help in the process of planning, organizing, and controlling project resources.

Dimensional Drawings

A&M Design Services will include the most detailed drawings leaving field workers with a simple, accurate drawing to work from. All geometric information needed, will be clearly provided to leave no confusion in the field when time is most valuable. Our drawings include all aspects of the project including location and size of slab and wall openings, depressions, slab steps, block outs, and the location and size of columns for accurate field placement.

Rebar Shop Drawing

Rebar detailing is the process of preparing shop placement drawings for construction with the information of reinforcing steel provided by the Architect/Engineer. A&M Design Services uses the latest version of the “ACI Detailing Manual” and the “Manual of Standard Practice for Detailing Reinforced Concrete Structures” along with the provided information to call out the quantity, description, placement and laps of the reinforcing steel.

Our Rebar Detailing Services:

  • Rebar Placement Drawings
  • Bar Bending Schedules
  • Material Take-Offs
  • Concrete Masonry Detailing
  • Welded, Riveted or Bolted Steel Connection Details
  • Longitudinal and Cross Sections of Beams and Columns
  • Concrete Joint and Slab Details
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Details

Construction Management

A&M Design Services will provide you with the instructions that are necessary to provide clients with superb construction management planning, coordinating, and building services. Our Engineers will work with clients to help with all aspects of a project from conception to completion.

The typical service that we provide is the following:

    • Prepare cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables
    • Interpret and explain contracts and technical information to other professionals
    • Report work progress and budget matters to clients
    • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other construction specialists
    • Select, schedule, and coordinate subcontractor activities
    • Comply with legal requirements, building and safety codes, and other regulations
    • Respond to work delays, emergencies, and other problems


Consulting engineers coordinate the efforts and activities of other project team members including other disciplines and specialties to ensure effective project delivery.

Our engineering consultants spend their time planning and designing a wide range of client projects. They work closely with clients on-site to maintain an effective service delivery and to ensure the end-product is of the highest quality.

Construction As-Built Drawings

As-built drawings are an essential part of every construction project. The main purpose an as-built drawing serves is to identify what changes were made throughout the course of constructing a project. The final sets of an as-built drawing holds important information; such as shop drawing changes, design changes, field changes, approved and disapproved changes during construction, and any minor or major modification to the final resulting project.


  • Electrical
  • Hvac
  • Concrete
  • Masonry

Architectural Layout Drawings

These drawings are used to develop the architects design idea, into an intelligible document that is able to communicate to builders, other practices and specialists, the concepts and ideas of a project.

  • Topping Slabs
  • Landscape Layouts
  • Pavement Layouts
  • Formliner Layouts
  • Formwork Layout

Misc. Steel Drawings

  • Shear Studs
  • Metal Decking

“We at Coppola Paving & Landscaping Corp. would like to express our thanks for the shop drawings and as-built drawings provided by AM Design Services. Your accurate scheduling and prompt responses with a quick turnaround has enabled expeditious submittals and approvals to keep our project moving forward on track. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail and look forward to working with AM Design Services on future projects.”

Kyle TrenholmProject Manager for Coppola Paving and Landscaping Corporation

“A&M Design Services had done the detailing for us on the Barnard College project. A&M did a great job on a tough project where there were a number of elements that had to be precisely detailed and coordinated with a number of trades. There were also extensive design changes that had been made as the rebar was being installed and Michael at A&M was able to make the changes for us quickly, so we would not have an impact to the schedule. I would highly recommend A&M Design Services.”

Otto KoscicaRuttura & Sons Construction Co., Inc.

“A&M Design Services has provided our team here at PTS Contracting with the utmost satisfaction. From every aspect of our project A&M was able to deliver to us exactly what we were looking for. There speedy and incredibly accurate work made our experience with them one to remember. Their team was extremely friendly and easily accessible to us for any questions or concerns during the whole process.”

Frantz JeantyProject Manager- Long Island Concrete

“The A&M design staff has provided a bespoken service to their clients. They are dedicated to executing their services within the client's schedule regardless of the complexity of the project. In addition, they are positive collaborators within the group of professionals, working with and helping others in any way they can.”

Antonio Maiuolo Antonio Miuolo Architect

“We at Long Island Concrete are greatly appreciative of the expedited, accurate and friendly service your team at A&M Design Services has provided us throughout our several years working together. We have been able to get our submittals in and approved ahead of schedule with no delays. Always looking forward to continuing our relationship.”

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